Parenting (Primary Caregiver)

Scored Dataset Contents

site Study Site
tcid Study ID Number
INTID Interviewer ID Number
RESPOND Respondent
P9ABP1 Dislike Behavior-Take Away Privilege
P9ABP2 Dislike Behavior-Time Out
P9ABP3 Dislike Behavior-Scold
P9ABP4 Dislike Behavior-Discuss
P9ABP5 Dislike Behavior-Ignore
P9ABP6 Dislike Behavior-Spank
P9ABP7 Dislike Behavior-Hit
P9ABP8 Dislike Behavior-Lock out
P9ABP9 Like Behavior-Ignore
P9ABP10 Like Behavior-Smile
P9ABP11 Like Behavior-Praise
P9ABP12 Like Behavior-Physical Affection
P9ABP13 Like Behavior-Reward
P9ABP14 Like Behavior-Special Privilege
P9ABP15 Like Behavior-Do Something Special
P9ABP16 Like Behavior-Tell Someone
P9ABP17 Like Behavior-Question
p9abp10r Reversed-Like Behavior-Smile
p9abp11r Reversed-Like Behavior-Praise
p9abp12r Reversed-Like Behavior-Physical Affection
p9abp13r Reversed-Like Behavior-Reward
p9abp14r Reversed-Like Behavior-Special Privilege
p9abp15r Reversed-Like Behavior-Do Something Special
p9abp16r Reversed-Like Behavior-Tell Someone
C9AKP1 Take away privilege
C9AKP2 Send to room/Time out
C9AKP3 Yell or scold
C9AKP4 Calmly discuss misbehavior
C9AKP5 Ignore misbehavior
C9AKP6 Spank
C9AKP7 Slap or hit
C9AKP8 Lock out of home
C9AKP9 Ignore good behavior
C9AKP10 Smile or wink
C9AKP11 Praise
C9AKP12 Physical affection
C9AKP13 Reward
C9AKP14 Give special privilege
C9AKP15 Do something special
C9AKP16 Tell someone
C9AKP17 Ask why not always good
c9akp10r Reversed-Smile or wink
c9akp11r Reversed-Praise
c9akp12r Reversed-Physical affection
c9akp13r Reversed-Reward
c9akp14r Reversed-Give special privilege
c9akp15r Reversed-Do something special
c9akp16r Reversed-Tell someone
PPC9apd Appropriate Discipline- PPC Y9
PPC9had Harsh Discipline- PPC Y9
PPC9pat Positive Attention- PPC Y9
PPC9trw Tangible Rewards- PPC Y9
PPC9lry Low Reinforcement-Youth- PPC Y9
PPC9lrp Low Reinforcement-Parent- PPC Y9
ppc9lrc Low Reinforcement-Combined- PPC Y9