Self-Ratings (Universal Sample - Grades 1-3)


The Self-Rating Interview consists of questions assessing children's perceptions of loneliness at school and overall school liking. The instrument originally included 8 yes/no items drawn from a measure used by Asher and his colleagues to assess loneliness, and a measure used by Ladd & Price to assess children's school liking (see full report for citations). It was subsequently expanded to 12 items and, later, a four-point Likert-type response scale.

Three scales can be derived from these self-ratings questions. A summated scale of all component items should be suitable for more general research questions. Two subscales, measuring general school liking and peer relationships, may be more appropriate when a more differentiated view of children's opinions about school is required. It should be noted, however, that these variables are severely skewed in first and second grade, with most children reporting no problems. Analysts interested in using these variables at first and second grade may want to consider categorizing them in some way.

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