Samples of Data SheetsThe Data section of the website offers an extensive amount of information on the data instruments used in the study. The following data resources are available on this website:

  • The Data Center is the project’s data repository.  Here you will find how Fast Track data were received, processed, analyzed, documented, archived, and disseminated.  The Data Center is also responsible for processing requests from national and international researchers.
  • The Data Collection section offers information on the conceptual framework, how to use the data catalog, and how to cite information from the study.
  • The Administration History is a historical timeline of the years an instrument was administered to each cohort. The instrument name links directly to an abstract describing its source, variable definitions, response values, scaling procedures, and characteristics of the resulting scales.
  • The Data Instruments section provides an alphabetical listing of each instrument used in the study. The individual instrument pages offer dataset names, keywords, technical information, if available, and information on how to obtain the questionnaire from other sources, if necessary.
  • The Technical Reports section contains the instrument’s scale description, report sample, scaling information, differences between groups, recommendations for use, and descriptive statistics.
  • On the Requesting and Using Data page, you will find information on requesting and using Fast Track Data.