Behavior Screen for Siblings

Abstract: The Behavior Screen for Siblings is a 24-item instrument developed by the Fast Track Project. It was administered to the next youngest sibling of each study child when she/he had completed kindergarten and had been in the care of the primary caregiver for at least two years. The parent is asked to evaluate the occurrence of behavior problems on a 4-point scale (Never, Almost Never, Sometimes and Often). Exploratory factor analyses were conducted utilizing the normative sample for year 6 (cohort 1). One factor was extracted explaining 38% of the total variance. With this solution, all items on the questionnaire had salient factor loadings (ls); "Cruel to Animals" had the lowest loading (.31). Examination of the 2-factor solution showed that almost all the items loaded on the first factor, with the exception of 4 items which double loaded on both factors. A total score was computed as the mean of all the items. This scale has good internal consistency as shown by the Cronbach alpha correlation coefficient. It is recommended that the normally-distributed total scale score be utilized in analyses. In a 4(Site) X 3(Cohort) between-subject analysis of variance (fixed factors), the Site X Cohort interaction effect was non-significant.

Who Completed this Measure?: Parent

Cohort 1 - Administrative History

  • Year 06 | grade 5 | age 11

Cohort 2 - Administrative History

  • Year 06 | grade 5 | age 11

Cohort 3 - Administrative History

  • Year 06 | grade 5 | age 11

Raw Dataset Name: PyL

Scored Dataset Name: BSSySPc

Aggression, Antisocial Behavior, Behavior problems, Oppositional Defiant,

Is this Measure Available for Public Use?: Yes

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Measure Items and Scales:

Scored Dataset Contents

SITE Site Name
BSS6TOT Behavioral Screen for Siblings-BSS-Year 6
COHORT Cohort Number
TREATMENT Treatment Group (Interv/Cntl)
NORM Members of Normative Sample
totlmiss Total # of missing responses
P6LBV1 Argues
P6LBV2 Disobedient
P6LBV3 Easily Upset, Annoyed, Irritated
P6LBV4 Starts Fights with Other Children
P6LBV5 Stubborn
P6LBV6 Sets Fires
P6LBV7 Breaks Rules
P6LBV8 Teases Other Children
P6LBV9 Whines and Nags
P6LBV10 Swears
P6LBV11 Demands Too Much Attention
P6LBV12 Threatens or Bullies Other Children
P6LBV13 Sneaky
P6LBV14 Cruel to Animals
P6LBV15 Yells at Others
P6LBV16 Physically Harms Other Children
P6LBV17 Talks Back, Sasses
P6LBV18 Breaks Things on Purpose
P6LBV19 Aggressive to Adults
P6LBV20 Lies
P6LBV21 Takes Things That Belong to Others
P6LBV22 Defiant Towards Adults
P6LBV23 Blames Others for Misbehavior
P6LBV24 Temper Tantrums