Technical Reports

Technical Reports are sorted by instrument name; several reports may exist for each instrument. Typically, the primary report is for the first year in which the instrument was used, and includes information on the nature of the measure, scaling, differences between study groups, and recommendations for use in analyses. Technical Report addenda may also be produced, either as updates for each study year, summarizing year-specific information, or as the result of other investigations of the measure.

About Me (Reynolds Child Depression Scale)

About My Parent

About Myself



Adolescent Stories

Adult Behavior Checklist - Friend

Attitudes About Behavior

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Behavioral Coding System (PCIT)

Behavioral Coding System Reliability (PCIT)

Behavioral Screen for Sibling

Being A Parent

Brief Symptom Inventory-Parent

Brief Symptom Inventory-Youth

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CDISC: Child version

CDISC: Parent version

CDISC: Young Adult version

Child Behavioral Checklist (CBCL)

Child Problem Behavior Checklist

Child Report of Parental Monitoring

Coder Impressions Inventory-Original and Addendum

COGA Family History of Alcohol & Other Substance Disorders

Conflict Tactics Scale

Contact with Police/Court System

Contact with Police/Court System (Friend)

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Education (Grade 12 and Beyond)

Education Information

Emotion Recognition Questionnaire


Employment History

Ethnic Identity-Oyserman

Ethnic Identity-Phinney


Extracurricular Activity

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Family Expressiveness Questionnaire

Family Information Form

Family Information Form - Youth

Fear of Crime Questionnaire

Feelings About Neighborhood

Feelings Scale

Financial Stress Questionnaire

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General Violence Questionnaire

General Violence Questionnaire (Friend)

Guns and Gangs

Guns and Gangs-Revised

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Handling Race Experiences

Health Status

Health Status (Friend)

Home Interview with Child

Income and Employment - Grade 12 and Beyond

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Interaction Ratings Scale (PCIT-IRS)

Intervention For Control Children

Interview On Emotional Experience-Original

Interview On Emotional Experience-Grade 3+

Inventory of Parent's Experiences

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Juvenile and Adult Court Records

Life Changes

Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy

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My Exposure to Violence

My Exposure to Violence - Revised

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Neighborhood and Government Programs

Neighborhood Questionnaire

Normative Beliefs About Aggression

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Observer Impressions-Grade 5+ (PCIT)

Observer Impressions Reliability (PCIT)

Overview of Sexual Experiences

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Parent's Check List

Parent Daily Report

Parent Issues Checklist-Revised (Grade 5+)

Parent Questionnaire

Parent Report on Child's Close Friends

Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire

Parent Screen

Parent-Child Communication: Child version

Parent-Child Communication: Parent version

Parent-Teacher Involvement: Parent version (Original and Grade 4+)

Parent-Teacher Involvement: Teacher version

Parental Report on Child Delinquency


Parenting (Friend)

Parenting Practices Inventory

Parenting (Primary Caregiver)

People In My Life (Primary Caregiver & Friends)

Police Contact

Possible Selves

Post-Intervention Ratings of Change (Original)

Post-Intervention Ratings of Change (Grade 4+)

Post-Visit Reaction Inventory: Child

Post-Visit Reaction Inventory: Parent

Post-Visit Reaction Inventory: Youth


Problem Solving Discussion Rating: Child version

Problem Solving Discussion Rating: Parent version

Prosocial Activities

Psychopathy Screening Device

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Questions on Parental Health

Questions Regarding Driving

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Race Coping

Recent Growth

Relationship Adjustment Scale


Romantic Partners Drug Use/Other Behaviors

Romantic Relationships Questionnaire

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SACA (Mental Health Services Utilization)

SACA-Brief (Mental Health Services Utilization)

SACA-Not So Brief (Mental Health Services Utilization)

SACA-Not So Brief revised (Mental Health Services Utilization)

SACA for Kids (Mental Health Services Utilization)

SACA for Siblings (Mental Health Services Utilization)

SACA for Young Adults (Mental Health Services Utilization)

SACA for Young Adults II (Mental Health Services Utilization)

School Adjustment: Child

School Adjustment: Child (Revised)

School Adjustment: Parent

School Adjustment: Parent (Revised)

School Observatins (MOOSES/ASKER)

School Records

School Records: Academic and Attendance

School Records: Academic and Attendance - Revised

School Records: Disciplinary Actions

School Records: Disciplinary Actions - Revised

Seattle Personality Questionnaire-Original

Seattle Personality Questionnaire-Grade 3+

Self Report of Close Friends and Revised

Self Report of Close Friends III

Self-Efficacy in School

Self-Ratings (universal sample)

Self-Reported Delinquency

Sexuality and Consequences

Shortened Inventory of Problems-Alcohol and Drugs

Shortened Relationship Conflict Tactics

Social Competence: Parent version

Social Competence: Sibling version

Social Competence: Teacher version

Social Health Profile (SHP)

Social Problem Solving Measure - SPSM


Spache Diagnostic Reading Scales

Spache Diagnostic Reading Scales-Revised


Supervision: Child

Supervision: Primary Caregiver

Survey of Couples

Survey of Couples (Friend)

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Teacher Post Ratings

Teacher Practices

Teacher Social Competence

Teacher's Check List

Teacher's Report Form (TRF)

Teacher's Report Form (TRF)-externalizing items only

Teachers' Rating of Student Adjustment

Teachers' Rating of Student Adjustment-Addendum

Teenager Experience of Racial Socialization

Things That Happen To Me

Things That You Have Done

Things That Your Friends Have Done

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs-Revised

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs III

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs (Friends)

TOCA/Social Health Profile-Fall

Training Other Than Schooling

Training Other Than Schooling - Revised

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U.S. Census Data (neighborhood-level)

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Values Questionnaire

Vanderbilt Mental Health Services Efficacy

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What Do You Think?



Young Adult Self Report

Youth Finances

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