About Myself

About Myself (Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, RADS; Reynolds, 1986) is a 30-item scale that asks the child to rate their feelings. The ratings are then used to assess whether the child is demonstrating signs of clinical depression.


About Myself is the Fast Track name for the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale (RADS; Reynolds, 1987), which assesses depressive symptomatology in adolescents. It includes 30 items, which are rated on a 4-point scale where 1 represents "almost never" and 4 represents "almost all of the time." The RADS Professional Manual provides more psychometric information.

Scoring of this measure was derived from the RADS Professional Manual (Reynolds, 1987). Seven items ("I feel happy", "I feel important", I feel like having fun with other students", "I feel loved", "I feel like talking to other students", "I feel like having fun", and "I feel like eating meals") were reverse-scored. A total score was calculated by taking the mean of the 30 items (using the reverse-scored items when appropriate). If a respondent was missing more than 50% of the items, the scale was coded as missing. A larger scale score indicates a greater occurrence of depressive symptomatology. The internal consistency of responses on this scale was high for both normative and control samples as measured by Cronbach's Alpha.

An additional scale capturing clinically significant depressive symptomatology was also created (AMS8DEP). The total score (AMS8MEA) from this scale is normally distributed in both samples as indicated by skewness and kurtosis statistics. A high degree of scale internal consistency, as assessed by coefficient alpha, was observed for both the normative and control samples. Alternatively, AMS8DEP is highly skewed.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CyT
Scored Dataset Name: AMSySCc


Depression, Worry, Attention, Affective, Self Esteem, Anger.