Survey of Couples

Survey of Couples is a 6-item instrument derived from The Conflict Tactics Scale which was developed by Murrary Straus to measure strategies for handling conflict within the family (Straus 1979).


Survey of Couples in Wave XIX is a 6-item instrument derived from Straus’ Conflict Tactics. However, items wording and values differ from the original questions applied to partners. The Couples Survey measure frequency of occurrence of things the respondent might have done to his/her partner. The frequency values are: never, once, twice, 3-5 times and more than 5 times.

A single scale was constructed using 4 items reporting inter-partner physical violence (questions Q487-Q490). The scale for this report was constructed for both the Normative and High-Risk Control samples. The scores were calculated by taking an average of the items comprising the scale. None of the observations were missing 50% or more data. The resulting scale, items that compose it and internal consistencies (Cronbach’s coefficient Alpha) are provided. Comparison of means for the single scale between high and low risk respondents was found significant (p<.01).

The scale constructed for Couples Survey has good reliability. The user is encouraged to test for associations for variables measuring individual items derived from Straus’ Conflict Tactics measure. For these individual variables (Q485 through Q490), the presence of missing values should be noted.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CyCI
Scored Dataset Name: CYAySCc


Parental Communication, Physical Abuse, Parent Attitudes, Child Discipline, Punishment, Emotional Abuse, Family Relations, Partner