School Records-Disciplinary Actions-Revised


School Records: Disciplinary Actions - Revised is a 20-item tool used to collect information from school records about disciplinary events for a child during the previous school year. This measure was created for the Fast Track Project as a modification of both the School Archival Records Search (SARS, Walker et al., 1991) and the Sugai-Tobin archival review for kindergarten, elementary, and/or middle school (STAR, Sugai and Tobin, 2001).

This measure collects the date of any event requiring discipline and the corresponding reason for the disciplinary action on that date. Seven items list reason categories: Physical Fighting/Violence, Verbal Harassment, Non-Violent Activity (such as skipping class or defying authority), Weapons Possession, Vandalism/Theft, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Reason Missing. Response choices are "yes (1)" and "no (0)."

Another group of items collects information about the consequences of the event: Low or Medium Consequence, High-Level Consequence, Suspension, Expulsion (denied entrance to school for one month or longer), and Action Missing. For suspension, the number of days is recorded.

In Year 12, a "gatekeeper" question was introduced by expanding response choices for "Are there any disciplinary actions in the school record?" Aside from the responses of "Yes" (1) and "No" (0), codes for settings in which it would be inappropriate to collect disciplinary records were also available.

This measure contains no subscales.

For Year 12, t-tests of means of disciplinary events and consequences for the normative and control groups show significant differences for several items: the Total Number of Disciplinary Events, Fighting, Verbal Harassment, Non-Violent Events, Vandalism/Theft, and Total Number of Violent Events. Actions that show significant differences are those involving Low Consequences, High Consequences, and Suspension. Chi-square results for Year 12 suggest that a recorded occurrence of one or more disciplinary events can distinguish high-risk from normative students. Depending on the construct under investigation, disciplinary records collected with the Disciplinary Actions tool should be useful to analysts.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: OyR
Scored Dataset Name: DARySPc


Disciplinary Actions, Physical Fighting, Non-Violent Activity, Violence, Verbal Harassment, Weapons Possession, Vandalism, Theft, Controlled Substance Possession, Suspension, Expulsion