Employment History

The original Employment History questionnaire was created by Howe and Frazis (1992) at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as part of the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLSY97, Round 3). The Items used in the Fast Track interviews were adapted from the NLYS97.


The Employment History is a 46-item questionnaire measuring employment outcomes up to 4 employers. The questionnaire establishes the employment status of the respondent and then proceeds to measure layoffs, reasons for layoffs and voluntary withdrawals from the labor market. The questionnaire gathers information on employers, type of activity measured by Census Codes as well as Hollingshead Codes, earnings, and reasons for termination from employment.

No scales are constructed for this measure.

The user is advised to examine variables corresponding to 2nd, 3rd and 4th employer. Counts for those variables are rather low.


Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CyCO
Scored Dataset Name: EMYySCc


Youth Employment, Hours Worked, Wages, Work Schedule, Income, Job Search, Unemployment