Fear Of Crime Questionnaire


The Fear of Crime Questionnaire is an 8-item measured developed at Fast Track seeking specific information from children about fears of criminal activity against their persons. The questionnaire also asks if these fears resulted in behavioral changes.

A total scale score was developed from the 8 items. Responses to the first 4 items were measured on a 4-point rating scale (1=Not Fearful, 2=A little fearful, 3=Somewhat fearful, 4=Very fearful); responses to the remaining items were measured dichotomously (0=No, 1=Yes). All responses were standardized (M=0.0, SD=1.0). Item z-scores were averaged to yield a total score for this questionnaire.

Results indicate a fairly marked positive skew in both normative and control samples. The questionnaire has adequate internal consistency, and scale scores do not differ between normative and control groups.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CxAU
Scored Dataset Name: FCQySCc


Neighborhood Characteristics, Assault, Guns, Weapons, Security