Family Information Form-Youth


The Family Information Form-Youth is a form given to the Fast Track respondents in years 14 and 15. Prior to this time, the Family Information Form was completed by parents after the school year was complete. The original Family Information Form (CPPRG,1990) was used for deriving demographic data, family structure data, and socioeconomic status. Since the measure was used over the 12 years that followed, items were added to it to include the target child's experience with adult male figures, the family yearly history of medical, mental health, drug and alcohol use, illnesses/difficulties for parents, the target child’s siblings, and information for tracking families in the event of a move. For years 14 and 15, the Family Information Form completed by the target child focuses on his/her living arrangements and other type of family characteristics. The questionnaire first establishes the target child living arrangements. A series of skip patterns follows depending on the living arrangements. This report follows that original structure.

No scales are constructed for this measure for years 14 and 15.

The Fast Track Project created this form to collect general data about the target child as a young adult. The Family Information Form-Child is a complex questionnaire which gathers information in a variety of characteristics of the living arrangements of the target child. Complicated family arrangements add complexity to the data structure. The user must note the low counts as the logical skips selects various living arrangements. Variables related to the first nominated living partner are included in this report. Variables measuring dates, Census and Hollingshead codes to identify the target child’s partners labor outcomes have been omitted.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CyBI
Scored Dataset Name: FICySCc


Demographic Characteristics, Family Structure, Family History, Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Special Education, Parent Employment, Finances, Family Relations, Parent Child Relationship