Intervention for Control Children


The Intervention for Control Children measure consists of 3 items that are completed by an observer. The first question asks whether the child is participating in a classroom where PATHS is being given. The PATHS curriculum, Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies, (Greenberg, 1994) is an elementary-based program that emphasizes teaching students to identify, understand, and self-regulate their emotions. The second question asks whether the child is participating in a classroom that includes peer pairing. The responses for these first two questions are: don't know; not applicable; no; and, yes. The third and final question asks whether the child is involved in any other interventions. These other interventions are listed as follows: 1) behavioral management, 2) child middle school transition program, 3) friendship group/social club, 4) home visiting, 5) mentoring group, 6) parent group, 7) parent middle school transition program, and 8) other.

Responses for this measure are recorded on a nominal scale. As such, no scaling program is used. Only the number of responses per question was calculated.

This measure was specifically designed for the gathering of general data for use with the Fast Track project. It was not meant for widespread use.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: OyK
Scored Dataset Name: N/A


Classroom Interventions, PATHS Curriculum, Intervention Programs, Behavioral Management.