Income and Employment- Grade 12 and Beyond

The Income and Employment-Grade 12 and Beyond scale was developed for the current study. Items were utilized from National Youth Longitudinal Study NLSY97 Round 3 Questionnaire and the Pittsburgh Youth Study Measure PL3130-Education.


The Income and Employment Survey is a paper survey measuring 42 employment and income characteristics. The survey contains a series of questions that measure multiple aspects of employment and income for jobs within the last year. The original scoring method was established by Howe and Frazis (1992) at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as part of the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLSY97, Round 3). The NLSY97 was designed to gather information at multiple points in time about the youth labor market. Items used in the Fast Track interviews were adapted from the NLYS97, Round 3 employment section and the NLYS97, Round 3 income section. This measure was added to the Fast Track protocol in year 13 (2003) for cohort 1.
Responses include multiple choice categorical scales, free response and dichotomous scales (yes / no responses).

The Income and Employment Survey allows for the standardization of data collection regarding the participant‟s previous year‟s income and employment. The survey measures key factors related to employment and earnings. This report displays a limited number of variables, primarily to the first job only. The user is encouraged to investigate variables for second and third jobs and produce aggregated measures. The counts for second and third jobs are very small. The user is also encouraged to compute and aggregate sources of income. Verbatim description of the type of jobs the respondents perform has been displayed to indicate job activities. For classification of employment activities, the user is also encouraged to use either Census or Hollingshead classification. Variables C13BF5a and C13BF5b measure job classification using Hollingshead and Census codes.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CxBF
Scored Dataset Name: IEMySCc


Youth Employment, Earnings, Occupation, Industry, Hours Worked, Work Schedule, Self Employed, Income, Financial Support, Living Expenses, Savings, Illegal Activities