Interview on Emotional Experience (Grade 3+)


The Interview on Emotional Experience is a measure given to children as part of the summer interview for the first four years of the study. The measure focuses on four emotions—happiness, sadness, anger, and worry. For each emotion, the child is asked several questions about the emotion and the interviewer then codes the child’s responses.

There are numerous ways that the IEE can be analyzed, including conducting separate analyses on each question, or by each emotion. Because of the high number of “no responses” to the second request/prompt for each question, it is recommended that the first response to each question be considered in the analyses of this instrument.

Users of the Interview on Emotional Experience measure should note that there are reliability problems for almost every response scale for both the normative and the high-risk control samples. The reliabilities for the response scores for the normative sample ranged from -.05 to .43. For the high-risk control sample, the reliabilities ranged from .06 to .49.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CxJ
Scored Dataset Name: IERySCc


Emotional Response, Worry, Anger, Happiness, Sadness, Affective Behavior.