Observer Impressions Reliability

Scored Dataset Contents


Child's Study ID Number

site Study Site
cohort Cohort Number
SITECODE Site as Coded on Form
YEAR Year of Participation
RESP Respondent: Parent or Caretaker
INTID Interviewer ID Number
O1G1 TC's Conduct During Observation Session
O1G2 TC D/N Comply w/ Parental Request
O1G3 TC D/N and Parent Followed Up
O1G4 Parent Threatened Punishment
O1G5 Parent Threatened and Followed Through
O1G6 Parent Made Unreasonable Requests
O1G7 Parent Used Guilt Induction
O1G8 Parent Gave Rationale when Appropriate
O1G9 Parent Tried to Pleasantly Tease, etc.
O1G10 Parent Clearly Pinpointed Infraction
O1G11 Parent Labeled Misbehavior/No Follow-Up
O1G12 TC Did Something Clearly Prosocial
O1G13 TC Did Something Prosocial, P. Ignored
O1G14 P. Used Time-out, Other Social Isolation
O1G15 P. Used: Point Program/Contingent Claims
O1G16 P. Used: Withdrawel of Privileges
O1G17 Parent Seemed to Provoke Child
O1G18 Parent Used Sarcasm in Hurtful Way
O1G19 Parent Modeled Positive Behavior for TC
O1G20 Parent Paid Attention when TC Talked
O1G21 Parent D/N Pay Attention when TC Talked
O1G22 P. Ignored TC's Inappropriate Behavior
O1G23 Parent Discussed Future Activity w/ TC
O1G24 P. Encouraged TC to Try Something New
O1G25 Mother Was Verbally Affectionate to TC
O1G26 TC Was Verbally Affectionate to Mother
O1G27A Anger or Irritability: Mother
O1G27B Anger or Irritability: Child
O1G28A Depression, Sad, Bummed Out: Mother
O1G28B Depression, Sad, Bummed Out: Child
O1G29 Mother Physically Affectionate w/ TC
O1G30 TC Physically Affectionate w/ Mother
O1G31 Mother Physically Aggressive w/ TC
O1G32 TC Physically Aggressive w/ Mother
O1G33 Est. % Time Family was Misbehaving (M)
O1G34 Est. % Time Family was Misbehaving (TC)
O1G35 Mother is Positive, Reinforcing Parent
O1G36 Mother Encouraged Antisocial Behavior
O1G37 TC Enjoyed Parents Verbal Rewards
O1G38 Parent Seems Confident of Par. Skills
O1G39 Parent Overly Strict, Authoritative
O1G40 Parent Overly Permissive, Laissez-Faire
O1G41 Parent Erratic, Inconsistent, Haphazard
O1G42 Parent Consistent, Firm when Necessary
O1G43 Parent Seemed in Good Control of Child
O1G44 Parent Seemed to Have Little Control
O1G45 Seemed to Track Child Too Closely
O1G46 Parent Uses Nagging to Get Compliance
O1G47 P. Expressed Hostility w. Disciplining
O1G48 P. Seemed Overly Concerned re Being Fair
O1G49 P. Seemed Tentative w. Disciplining TC
O1G50 P. Seemed to Discipline Child Well
O1G51 Friendly Relations b/w Family & Child
O1G52 Parent Relates to TC as a Peer
O1G53 Parent Seemed Distant, Detached from TC
O1G54 TC Seemed to Have Hostile Set to Mother
O1G55 Child Treated Mother with Respect
O1G56 TC Seemed Aloof, Detached from Mother
O1G57 Child Seemed to Fear Mother
O1G58 Mother Treated Child w/ Respect
O1G59 Does Family Appear to Need Intervention?
MISSING Flag for Missing Responses
CDATE  Date of observation
DATE Date of Interview
o1g6r Reversed-Parent Made Unreasonable Requests
o1g7r Reversed-Parent Used Guilt Induction
o1g13r Reversed-TC Did Something Prosocial, P. Ignored
o1g21r Reversed-Parent D/N Pay Attention when TC Talked
o1g40r Reversed-Parent Overly Permissive, Laissez-Faire
o1g41r Reversed-Parent Erratic, Inconsistent, Haphazard
o1g45r Reversed-Seemed to Track Child Too Closely
o1g52r Reversed-Parent Relates to TC as a Peer
o1g53r Reversed-Parent Seemed Distant, Detached from TC
o1g55r Reversed-Child Treated Mother with Respect
o1g56r Reversed-TC Seemed Aloof, Detached from Mother
o1g33r Reversed-Est. % Time Family was Misbehaving (M)
o1g1x Recoded-TC's Conduct During Observation Session
o1g33rx Recoded-Est. % Time Family was Misbehaving (M)
o1g34x Recoded-Est. % Time Family was Misbehaving (TC)
cii1war Y1 CII Parent Warmth
cii1app Y1 CII Appropriate Discipline
cii1har Y1 CII Harsh Discipline
cii1phy Y1 CII Physical Discipline
cii1cwm Y1 CII Child Warmth toward Parent
cii1non Y1 CII Child Noncompliance toward Parent