Overview of Sexual Experiences

The Overview of Sexual Experiences, Capaldi, Deborah (2002), is a 37-item questionnaire on sexual intercourse, the partner’s gender, contraceptives, forced sexual contact, sexual orientation, comfort in discussing contraceptives, safe sex with partners, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Overview of Sexual Experiences is a 37-item questionnaire used in Wave XIX. The participant answers questions about sexual intercourse and the partner’s gender; knowledge about contraceptives; forced sexual contact; sexual orientation; comfort in discussing contraceptives and safe sex with partners; whether the participant has been diagnosed with any sexually transmitted diseases and/or has been tested for HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

No scales are constructed for this measure.

The user is warned that a single respondent reports having being married 10 times. The user is encouraged to test for associations for variables measuring discrete characteristics regarding sexual experiences.


Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CyCJ
Scored Dataset Name: OSEySCc


sexual intercourse, partner’s gender, knowledge about contraceptives, forced sexual contact, sexual orientation, safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases