Parental Report on Child's Delinquency


Parental Report on Child's Delinquency asks parents to describe their child’s delinquent activities, tapping the areas of property damage, theft, assault, and substance use. For each type of delinquent act, the parent is asked whether their child committed the act never, once, twice, three times, or four or more times. The responses are scored on this Likert scale.

The following delinquency scales were created by summing the individual items (after adjusting the levels to a scale of 0 to 4 rather than 1 to 5):

- 3 offense-specific scales:

  • substance abuse (pag6, pag7, pag8, pag9)
  • theft (pag10, pag12)
  • Interpersonal violence (pag11, pag16)

- 1 offense-general category scales: o status offenses(pag13, pag14, pag15)

- 1 summary scales o general delinquency (pag6, pag7, pag8, pag9, pag10, pag11, pag12, pag13, pag14, pag15, pag16, pag17)

The last item, pag17 (How often has your child-Purposely set fire to a house, car, or building?), was not included in any scored responses, except general delinquency, as it did not appear to be associated with any of the factors.

The analyst should be cautioned that the scales are extremely skewed towards the lower part of the scale, because of the low frequency of the occurrence. In addition, it is recommended that data analysts consider the use of dichotomized items (never vs. once or more) for some analyses. Note that item pag13 (How often has your child-been suspended or expelled for bad behavior at school?) should be collapsed into three categories (never, once, more than once).

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PxAG
Scored Dataset Name: PCDySPc


Delinquent Behaviors, Weapons, Theft, Alcohol Use, Vandalism, Fire setting, Fraud, Assault, School Suspension, Runaways.