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Parent Issues Checklist - Revised (Grade 5+)

Fast Track obtained permission to use this measure in our study, but we are not allowed to distribute it. To obtain a copy for your use, click here and contact the source listed.


The Parent Issues Checklist consists of a list of 27 issues that can possibly lead to disagreements between parents and adolescents. It was administered to one parent in each family at grade 5. This checklist is a modification of a 44-item instrument developed by Prinz, Foster, Kent & O'Leary (1979) and Robin & Foster (1989), which is purported to measure conflictual issues and the perceived intensity of anger over these issues. For each of the 27 issues, the respondent indicates whether the topic has been broached in the last month, whether the issue is one of three that had the most anger involved or was the biggest problem for the parent and child, and to indicate which issue the parent would be willing to discuss as a current topic.

This technical report is based upon Year 6, Cohort 1 data, including both High-Risk Control and Normative samples. With missing cases excluded, the total N (including overlap) was 387, with 323 Normative and 129 High-Risk Control youth.

This measure can be useful for pinpointing sources of conflict and investigating which topics are perceived as promoting the biggest problems.

Keywords: Parent Child Conflict, Behavior Problems, Compliance, Family Dynamics, Behavioral Standards, Sibling Relationships.

Administration History

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19 November 2002