The Pregnancy Measure is a self-report consisting of seven items, with separate versions for females and males. It questions whether the female respondent has been pregnant, the number of pregnancies she has had, and the care of any child she has had. It questions the male respondent as to whether he has ever impregnated someone, the number of times he has impregnated someone, and the care of any of his children.

Five of the seven items require yes/no answers. The remaining two items (how many times have you gotten someone else pregnant (males)/how many times have you been pregnant (females) and how many of your children live with you) require a numerical response. There are no subscales.

This measure includes an individual item ("Have you ever been pregnant") which can be used as a self-report indication of ever being pregnant (for females) or of getting someone pregnant (for males). Base rates for the endorsement of this item are very low in Grade 9. The administration of each of the other items is contingent on an endorsement for "Have you ever been pregnant", and provides descriptive information about the number of pregnancies and whether the child involved is caring for their children.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CyAN
Scored Dataset Name: PRGySCc


Pregnant, Own Children, Living Arrangements.