Parent Questionnaire

The Parent Questionnaire is an adaptation of Strayhorn and Weidman's (1988) Parent Practices Scale, which consists of 34 items related to parenting behaviors and cognitions based on parent training goals and preschool-aged children.


The Parent Questionnaire evaluates parenting practices that are often the focus of parent training programs. This 27-item questionnaire, derived from a scale developed by Strayhorn and Weidman (1988), describes situations or interactions that occur with parents and children, contains statements about the parent’s confidence and general ability in managing the child, and explores how consistently two parents agree about discipline practices. For each item, the parent selects the response that estimates the frequency of the interaction. Each item uses one of two response scales: “Never” (0), “Less than half the time” or “About once a week or less” (1), “About half the time” or “More than once a week, but less than once a day” (2), “More than half the time” or “One or two times day” (3), and “All the time” or “Many times each day” (4). This measure was first administered to parents of children in kindergarten in year 1.

In grade 4, the questionnaire was revised to the 25-item Parent Questionnaire-Grade 4+. This revised version consists of items on a 5-point rating scale, ranging from 0 "Never" to 5 which indicates either "Many times each day" or "All the time" depending on the particular item content.

The scaling of 20 items of this questionnaire was based on previously derived dimensions or constructs on the original Year 1 measure. A single confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), utilizing a maximum-likelihood estimation procedure, was used to assess statistical support for the three scales for the Parent Questionniare which were originally obtained from confirmatory factor analyses on items designated a priori as measures of either Appropriate / Consistent Discipline, Warmth / Involvement and Harsh / Physical Discipline. The constructs were tested together, with 3 correlated scales assumed. A simple measurement model was utilized, allowing for intercorrelations among the dimensions (exogenous variables) and individual error components for each item. Two additional items are used to measure Inter-Parental Consistency (for two parent families only). Three items were not used in the scaling to be consistent with the original procedure and measurement model utilized with Year 1 data.

This questionnaire is a measure of the parent's perception of four aspects of parenting behavior. It can be used to identify three dimensions fundamental to parenting behavior and goals and to inter-parental consistency in behaviors when there is more than one primary caregiver for the child. Specifically, this questionnaire can be used as a general measure of the parent's appropriate and consistent discipline, their warmth and involvement with the child and the parent's self-report of harsh or physical discipline toward the child.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PyJ
Scored Dataset Name: PRQySPc


Discipline, Punishment, Communication, Rewards, Positive Parenting, Parental Involvement, Parent Child Relationship.