Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire


The Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire is a 22-item measure which assesses parental satisfaction with the Fast Track intervention. Parents are asked to rate each item along a four-point scale, ranging from "harmful" (1) to "very helpful" (4). Items coded as "no basis" (0) were excluded from analyses. Six of the 22 items are open-ended questions regarding their experiences with Fast Track. The PSQ was completed by intervention families only, beginning in Year 2 for Cohorts 2 and 3, and in Year 3 for Cohort 1.

Scaling was derived from the Technical Report generated on Grade 2 data in which seven scales (four of which are individual items) were designated on an a priori basis. Item 15 was excluded from scaling. Scales with more than one item were calculated by taking an average of the items comprising the scale if 50% or more of the item responses were available. These scales and items that compose them are provided below.

  • Parent Interventions (Items 1-6)
  • Home Visit Intervention (Items 9-11)
  • Tutor Intervention (Items 13-14)
  • Children's Group Intervention (Item 16)
  • PATHS Curriculum Intervention (Item 17)
  • Helpfulness with Other Children (Item 19)
  • Overall Intervention Satisfaction (Item 18)

The scales on this measure may be used as a gauge of parents' reported satisfaction with specific aspects of the Fast Track intervention, as well as with the overall intervention. The ns vary by scale as a result of not all families receiving all components of the intervention.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PyS
Scored Dataset Name: PRSySPc


Program Evaluation, Parent Group, Tutoring, PATHS Curriculum, Parent Report.