Parent-Teacher Involvement Questionnaire: Parent Version (Original and Grade 4+)


The Parent-Teacher Involvement Questionnaire: Parent version is a 26-item measure developed for this project to assess facets of parent and teacher involvement. Fast Track also has a 21-item teacher version that includes most of the items on the teacher version (see separate report for more detailed information). The measure assesses the amount and type of contact that occurs between parents and teachers, the parent's interest and comfort in talking with teachers, the parent's satisfaction with their children's school and the parent's degree of involvement in the child's education (e.g, reading to them, taking them to the library, volunteering at school, attending school events). The answers are coded on item-specific 5-point scales: where 0 represents no involvement and 4 represents high involvement. The Grade 4+ version of this measure also includes an "N/A" (Not Applicable) response option.

A Technical Report dated 4/18/95 identified four factors within the measure and constructed corresponding subscales:

  • Quality of the Relationship between Parent and Teacher
  • Parent's Involvement and Volunteering at School
  • Parent's Endorsement of Child's School
  • Frequency of Parent-Teacher Contact

Patterns of item-total correlations were similar between the two groups, so further comments are limited to the combined sample unless noted otherwise.

It is recommended that analysts carefully consider the construct of interest for the specific analysis before casually using the 26-item scale. The subscales identified in the previous report may be used, or other subscales conceptually or empirically identified. Also, analysts should be aware of possible distributional issues.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PyF
Scored Dataset Name: PTPySPc


School Involvement, Parent Teacher Communication, PTA, School Community, Teacher Relationship.