Post-Visit Reaction Inventory-Child


The Post-Visit Inventory (Dodge et al., 1990) is a 60-item checklist that is completed by interviewers within 24 hours after each visit. It was developed to provide staff ratings of the family's physical environment, the child's behavior toward the parent during the visit, the mother's and father's behavior toward the child during the visit, parental behavior toward the visitors and probable validity of the data, and the child's and parents' apparent need for intervention. Whereas earlier technical reports focused on specific areas (i.e. parenting, home environment), this technical report will look at the entire measure.

During years one and two of the study, the full measure was completed by the child interviewer. Starting in year 3, a modified version of the measure was completed by child interviewers. This modified version consisted of only 5 questions (see these technical reports for more details).

There are eight subscales for this measure; Harsh/Physical Discipline, Parental Warmth, Child Warmth Toward Mother, Child Non-Compliance Toward Mother, Child-Friendly Interior, Utilities for the family, Home Environment, and Neighborhood Environment. All subscales are summary scores that are factor-based or theoretically derived and are calculated using weighted sum scores by: 1) summing the items for each scale, 2) dividing the number of items present for each subject, and 3) multiplying by the number of items on the scale.

For any item whose choices included "Can't rate" as a response, these responses were converted to missing for the purpose of analysis.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: OyD
Scored Dataset Name: PVIySOc


Interview Validity, Social Skills, Academic Skills, Behavioral Intervention.