Post-Visit Reaction Inventory-Youth



The Post-Visit Reaction Inventory-Youth is based on the Post-Visit Reaction Inventory Child used sporadically from year 1 to year 13. This is a 60-item checklist that was completed by interviewers within 24 hours after each visit. It was developed to provide staff ratings of the family‟s physical environment, the child‟s behavior toward the parent during the visit, the mother‟s and father‟s behavior toward the child during the visit, parental behavior toward the visitors and probable validity of the data, and the child‟s and parents‟ apparent need for intervention. The Post Visit Inventory Youth is a 4 item questionnaire the interviewer completes in order to evaluate the respondent‟s cooperation during the visit.

This measure was specifically designed for the gathering of general data for use with the Fast Track project. It was not meant for widespread use.


Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: OyS
Scored Dataset Name: PVYySOc


Physical Environment, Child's Behavior, Parental Behavior, Data Validity, Need for Invention