Questions on Parental Health


Questions on Parental Health is a 4-item questionnaire developed by the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group (CPPRG) for Fast Track to assess general health, specific medical conditions, and common substance use (smoking and alcohol consumption) among parents/caretakers. Caretakers assess their general health on a 5-point scale (excellent=1,very good=2, good=3, fair=4, poor=5). Caretakers who rate their health as either fair or poor are asked to verbally describe their medical conditions. Caretakers are also asked about the frequency with which they consume alcohol (never=1, once/month=2, 2 or 3 times/month=3, once or twice/week=4, 3-5 times/week=5, and nearly every day=6). If a caregiver reports any alcohol use, the caretakers is asked about the frequency of binge drinking in the last month, defined as 5 or more drinks in one session (never=1, once=2, twice=3, three times=4; four times=5, five or more times=6). All caretakers are then asked about their current smoking habits (0=Does not smoke, 1=Smokes).

Four scales were created from the available items. Two scales are just renamed versions of existing items. Two additional scales are created by collapsing responses to existing items into fewer categories.

The general health of caretakers did not differ between control and normative samples. Moreover, the number of caretakers using alcoholic substances and the type of alcoholic consumption did not differ. The samples did differ in the frequency of reported smoking.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PxAE
Scored Dataset Name: QPHySPc


Health Problems, Alcohol, Drinking, Smoking