School Adjustment - Child Report


The School Adjustment - Child questionnaire is a 20-item scale that evaluates children's perceptions of their current adjustment to school. The questionnaire also asks if the child has changed schools. This measure was created for the Fast Track Project.

Each item on the questionnaire contains a statement about a school experience; for example, "I stayed out of trouble with teachers and disciplinarians at school." The child selects the response that estimates how true each statement is for the past school year. Questionnaire items include statements about academic performance, discipline problems, and interactions with other students and staff. Response choices include: "Never True" (1), "Seldom True" (2), "Sometimes True" (3), "Usually True" (4), and "Always True" (5).

A parent version of this measure was also administered to parents of children involved in the Fast Track Project. (See the separate technical report for School Adjustment - Parent.) The parent version and the child version have 12 items in common.

A previous study of this meaure (Maumary-Gremaud, 2000) identified three subscales: Relationships with Other Students, Academic and Disciplinary Difficulties, and General Aspects about the School and Teachers. The ordering of responses in some items was reversed before scoring to provide consistency among all the item responses. Higher scores indicate better school adjustment; lower scores indicate poorer adjustment.

The Relationships with Other Students subscale has a ceiling effect in the normative sample, with 51% of scores at or above 4.66. In the control group, Relationships with Other Students has a slight negative skew, with 41% of the scores at or above 4.66. T-tests of means for all subscales on this measure show significant differences between the normative and control groups. Correlations among subscales are moderate and all three subscales also have moderate internal consistency. Depending on the construct of interest, these subscales should be useful to analysts.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CyY
Scored Dataset Name: SACySCc


School Transition, Academic Performance, Peer Relationships, School Satisfaction, School Discipline.