School Adjustment - Child Report

Scored Dataset Contents

SITE Site Name
TCID Child ID Number
C8Y1 School year difficult
C8Y2 Easy time handling academic demands
C8Y3 Got along with friends
C8Y4 Other kids hit/made fun of me
C8Y5 Stayed out of trouble
C8Y6 I had a good year at school
C8Y7 School work was really hard
C8Y8 I had a hard time making friends
C8Y9 Other kids tried to make me do bad thing
C8Y10 I got into trouble this year
C8Y11 I liked the new things about school
C8Y12 I did not do well in academics
C8Y13 I did not have many friends
C8Y14 Other kids bothered my this year
C8Y15 Teachers were on me because I broke rule
C8Y16 People treat me well at my school
C8Y17 Teachers do not care about kids
C8Y18 Kids will succeed at my school
C8Y19 Bad things happen to me at school
C8Y20 School is fun
sac8frd School adj child: friends problems Yr 8
sac8dif School adj child: difficulties Yr 8
sac8gen School adj child: general facts Yr 8