School Adjustment - Parent Report


The School Adjustment - Parent Report measure is an 18-item instrument created by the Fast Track project. This measure was designed to evaluate the transition from elementary to middle school. The parent is asked to evaluate his/her child's past school year with respect to academic performances, disciplinary problems and contact with other students and staff as well as how he/she as parent handled the transition. The questions are rated on a 5-point scale (never true, seldom true, sometimes true, usually true, always true). 10 items were recoded for consistency of interpretation. The parent and the child version of the measure have 12 common items. This instrument was first administered in the spring of 1997 to cohort 1.

The analyses were conducted on the normative sample for year 7, cohort 1. Examination of frequency tables showed that with the exception of a few, the items were skewed towards the positive end of the scale. The items were subjected to a principal factor analyses with varimax rotation. Five eigenvalues greater that the commonly used cutoff of 1.0 were found. Examination of the rotated factor loadings showed a clean two factor solution: items 1 to 15 and 18 loaded high on the first factor, and items 16 and 17 on the second factor. The first factor described the academic aspect, contact with friends and general worries about school, the second factor treated with the direct contact that the parent has with his/her child's school and teachers.

It is recommended that the two subscales described above be used for analyses. The computation of two subscales, one of which has only two items is justified by the fact that these items showed high factor loading on the second factor and a high internal consistency coefficient. Furthermore, they had a very low correlation with the remaining of the items.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PyZ
Scored Dataset Name: SAPySPc


Academic Performance, School Situation, Peer Relationships, Teacher Contact, School Transition, School Satisfaction.