School Adjustment - Parent Report

Scored Dataset Contents

TCID Child ID Number
INTID Interviewer ID
RESPOND Respondent
TYPSCH Type of School
SITE Study Site
P7Z1 This past school year has been especially difficult for my child.
P7Z2 My child had an easy time handling the new academic demands made on him/her.
P7Z3 My child got along well with the other kids at school this past year.
P7Z4 My child stayed out of trouble with teachers and the staff at school.
P7Z5 My child had a good year at school.
P7Z6 School work was really hard for my child this past year.
P7Z7 Other kids tried to make my child do things that he/she should not do.
P7Z8 My child got into some trouble this year by breaking school rules.
P7Z9 My child liked the new things about school this past year.
P7Z10 My child did not do as well as he/she should have in academics this past year.
P7Z11 My child did not have as many friends at school this past year.
P7Z12 Teachers were constantly on my child because he/she broke some rules.
P7Z13 It was hard for me to adjust to my child's school situation this past year.
P7Z14 I adjusted well to the many changes at my child's school.
P7Z15 My child's school caused me a lot of hassles this past year.
P7Z16 I keep up on what is going to with my child's school teachers.
P7Z17 I have a lot of contact with my child's school teachers
P7Z18 I worry a lot about the bad things that my child could get into at school.
SAP7CON School adj parent: contact w school Yr 7
SAP7TOT School adj parent:total Yr 7