Social Competence for Siblings


The Social Competence Scale for Siblings consists of six items on the Prosocial subscale of the Parent Social Competence measure (see the technical report on the Parent Social Competence). Examples of some statements include: "Your child shares things with others" and "Your child is very good at understanding other people's feelings." The parent is asked to evaluate the prosocial behavior of their child. A five-point Likert scale is used to coded the responses: "Not at all (0)", "A little (1)", "Moderately well (2)", "Well (3)", and "Very well (4)".

The Social Competence Scale-SiblingVersion consists of one scale; which is the Item Total (Items 1-6). The total score is calculated as the mean of responses. If more than half the items on the total score are missing responses, the score is not calculated. Measures missing all responses, also, are not scored.

T-tests of means of the total score indicate that no significant differences exist between the normative and control samples on the Social Competence Sibling Scale. The internal consistency measure (Cronbach alpha values) indicates the total score has a high validity.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PyL
Scored Dataset Name: SCSySPc


Problem Solving, Empathy, Social Skills, Peer Relationships, Sibling Relationships, Self Control.