Social Health Profile

The Social Health Profile form is a combination of two measures: the TOCA-R (developed by Kellam et al and published in Werthamer- Larsson, Kellam, & Wheeler, 1991) and the Social Competence Scale (CPPRG, 1990) for Fast Track.


On the Social Health Profile form are items comprising two measures. Twenty-six of the behavior rating items are from the TOCA-R, developed by Shep Kellam and his colleagues, reflecting three dimensions of behavioral adjustment to school (Cognitive Concentration, Authority Acceptance, and Social Contact). Nine behavior-rating items were added by CPPRG to assess social competence for the Fast Track Project. In addition, two items on this form request teacher ratings of the degree of peer liking and peer disliking toward each child, and four items ask about specific aspects of adjustment (days absent, substance use, and likelihood of school promotion in the coming year.)

The measure is administered in a face-to-face interview with each classroom teacher. Typically, ratings are collected on all children in the classroom.

The TOCA-R and SHP Social Competence Scales have demonstrated strong internal consistency, and good concurrent and predictive validity. When all children in a classroom are assessed, the measure provides information about classroom group characteristics, as well as child characteristics.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: TyF
Scored Dataset Name: SHSySTc


Attentional Skills, Academic Performance, Aggressive Behavior, Social Withdrawal, Prosocial Behavior, Antisocial, Oppositional, Affective Behavior, Social Competence, Social Skills, Peer Relationships, Smoking, Drug Use, School Retention.