School Records (Academic and Attendance) - Revised


The School Records measure is a modification of the School Archival Records Search (SARS) developed by Walker et al. in order to quantify school record data. This measure is a series of items completed by the interviewer by reviewing the child's school records. School record data were collected after the school closed for the summer and/or at the beginning of the following academic year. The items include everything from the child's absences, tardies, and grades for classes, as well as information about the child's involvement in the special education program at the school and the child's special education classification. In addition, other data collected, as available, included testing information, suspension, expulsion, and enrollment data.

No scales were constructed from the school records. Each item stands by itself.

Many of the variables collected in this dataset are strongly influenced by school policy. In addition, sites vary in method assigning subject grades and schools within site can have a strong influence when their policies and record keeping differ from other schools. Analysts should note that, while students may have been enrolled in more than three schools during the school year, data were collected only for the three schools that the student was enrolled in for the longest time.

Finally, analysts should note that there was a noticeable decline in the number of students identified as having current IEPs from year 10 to year 11 of the study. Thus, data concerning IEP information may not be entirely accurate.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: OyQ
Scored Dataset Name: SRRySCc


School Attendance, Subject Grades, Achievement Testing, Language, Reading Levels, Mathematics, Disciplinary Records, Special Education Record, Retention.