Teacher's Check List


The Teacher's Check List is a six-item scale that assesses teachers' perceptions of children's aggressive behavior. This measure is derived from a 12-item instrument developed by Dodge and Coie (1987).

Each item contains a statement describing a child's aggression-related behavior. The teacher selects the response that evaluates how well the statement applies to the child. Response choices include: "Never True" (0), "Rarely True" (1), "Sometimes True" (2), "Usually True" (3), and "Almost Always True" (4).

A previous study (1995) identified two subscales of three items each: the Reactive Aggression Subscale (containing items 1, 2, and 3) and the Proactive Aggression subscale (containing items 4, 5, and 6). Subscale scores are the mean of item responses in each subscale.

T-tests of means for both subscales on the Teacher's Check List show significant differences between the normative and control groups. Also, note the high correlations between the two subscales.

The Proactive Aggression subscale is slightly positively skewed for the normative group. The Proactive Aggression subscale also has a floor effect. For the normative sample, 57% of the Proactive Aggression subscores are zero. (On the Reactive Aggression scale for the normative sample, 29% of subscores are zero.) For the control sample, 30% of the Proactive Aggression subscores are zero. Analysts considering use of this measure should keep in mind that each subscale includes only a small number of items.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name TyB
Scored Dataset Name: TCLySTc


Aggressive Behavior, Physical Aggression, Emotional Response, Antisocial Behavior.