Teacher's Check List

Scored Dataset Contents

SITECODE Actual Code Number on Form
TCID Study ID Number
YEAR Year of Participation
TEACH Teacher ID Number
INTID Interviewer ID Number
SITE Study Site
T2BSCHL School ID Number
t2bcl1 When this child has been teased or threatened, he or she gets angry easily and strikes back.
t2bcl2 This child always claims that other children are to blame in a fight and feels that they started the trouble.
t2bcl3 When a peer accidentally hurts this child (such as by bumping into him or her), this child assumes that the peer meant to do it, and then overreacts with anger/fighting.
t2bcl4 This child gets other kids to gang up on a peer that he or she does not like.
t2bcl5 This child uses physical force (or threatens to use force) in order to dominate other kids.
t2bcl6 This child threatens or bullies others in order to get his or her own way.
TCL2TOT Total of all - TCL - Year 2
TCL2PAGG Proactive aggression - TCL - Year 2
TCL2RAGG Reactive Aggression - TCL - Year 2