Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs III

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs III (NLSY97). Beginning in grade 7 and thereafter the use of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and snuff), alcohol (beer, wine, wine coolers and liquor) and illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine, crack, inhalants, heroin, LSD, PCP, ecstasy, mushrooms, speed and other pills not prescribed by a physician) are assessed.


The Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs - Version III is a 57-item instrument based on measures used in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. The original version of this measure was first added to the Fast Track Protocol in study year 8. This measure assesses tobacco, alcohol and illegal drug use. Report of the use of legal and illegal drugs prompts further questions about frequency of use and the type of substances used. The response options vary based on the type of question asked (e.g., yes-no and open-ended responses).

Tables 1 and 2 display frequencies for dichotomous items and means and standard deviations for each of the selected continuous items. The user is encouraged to test association and differences in means, respectively. For some items there is significant association (not shown). For some continuous variables there are significant differences in means (not shown).

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CxCD
Scored Dataset Name: TRRySCc


Smoking, Cigarettes, Alcohol Use, Substance Abuse, Drinking, Marijuana, Cocaine, Inhalants, Illegal Drugs, Intravenous Drug Use.