Training Other Than Schooling

Training Other Than Schooling - NLSY97 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2001; National Longitudinal Survey, 1997). This is a series of questions documenting any training (business or trade schools, GED, apprenticeship program, correspondence course, government job training) that youth experience. These questions are adapted from the training section of the NLSY97. This measure will be used at all interview assessments.


Training Other Than Schooling is a series of questions documenting any training (business or trade schools, GED, apprenticeship programs, correspondence courses, government job training, etc.) that a youth might have experienced. These items are derived from the training section of the National Longitudinal Survey of 1997 from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. Youth are first asked if, other than regular schooling, they had "attended any schooling, courses or training program designed to help people find a job, improve their job skills, or learn a new job." If they respond "no" to this first question, then the measure ends at that point. If they answer "yes," then the youth are asked about the number of different programs in which they have participated. They are then given the opportunity to answer questions about two of the programs. Questions about the programs include the name of the program, the start and end dates of their participation in the program, the type of training program, whether a training allowance was given and how much it was for, reasons for participating in the training program, whether the program was completed by the youth and reasons for not completing it, and the skills learned.

No scales were created for this measure.

Analysts should note that the total numbers of students completing this measure are low. Since the students were in the tenth grade, it appeared that few had had exposure yet to training programs other than their regular schooling.

Also, analysts should note that a second dataset had to be created, using the original data, in order to examine the data for each training program in a more comprehensive manner.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CxAT
Scored Dataset Name: TTSySCc


Work Experience Programs, Job Training, Career Guidance, GED, Vocational