Values Questionnaire


The Values Questionnaire is a 35-item measure that explores parents' values about their children's peer relations. Only items 1 through 10 were administered in Year 2.

Each item describes a preference that parents may have about children's social behavior. Examples of statements are: "It is important for you to know who your child's friends are," and "If other children won't play with your child, he/she should stand up for himself/herself by showing who's boss." Responses are coded on a five-point scale and include "Strongly Disagree (0)," "Disagree (1)," "Neutral-Unsure (2)," "Agree (3)," and "Strongly Agree (4)."

This measure has two subscales: values associated with Physical Defense (items six through ten) and values related to Socialization (items one through five). Each subscale score is calculated as the mean of responses x 5.

The t-test of means show no significant differences between the normative and high-risk control groups for either the Socialization subscale or the Physical Defense subscale. Socialization Subscale scores for the control group are slightly negatively skewed, with kurtosis of 4.77. The correlation between the two subscales is negative, but also low. Alpha coefficients for the scales are marginal. Analysts should note that these data are based only on ten items.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: PyH
Scored Dataset Name: VLQySPc


Parental Expectations, Peer Relationships, Parent Child Relationships, Supervision, Parental Involvement, School Participation.