Youth Finances


The Youth Finances measure is a 6-item instrument developed for this project. This measure was added to the child instrument battery in study year 12. The measure asks whether the youth makes money in any way other than a regular job or jobs like babysitting and lawn mowing, including activities that are illegal. If the youth answers yes to this question, they are asked details concerning what the activity is and how much money they make doing it. All youth are asked about how much money they have saved, whether the amount of money they have meets their needs, and how satisfied they are with the money they have.

For the items in this instrument, there is no obvious scoring.

The design of this measure allows certain questions to be skipped. If the youth answered no to question 1 ("Do you make money any other way, including activities that are illegal?"), they skip to question 4. Only students who responded yes to making money in other ways were asked question 2 (What it is that you do to make money besides working a regular job?) and question 3 (How much money per week do you make from this?). All students were asked question 4 (How much money do you have saved for the future?), question 5 (To what degree does the amount of money you have meet your needs?), and question 6 (How much does it bother you to not have as much money as you need?).

Analysts should note that skip patterns were used in this measure. The sample size for questions 2 and 3 were small (only 10 responses), and thus statistical tests are not considered meaningful.

Dataset Names

Raw Dataset Name: CxBC
Scored Dataset Name: YOFySCc


Youth Employment, Income, Savings, Financial Need