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Data Collection History

The table below describes the Fast Track study years including the approximate age of participants, grade in school, school calendar year by cohort, and data collection period by cohort.

Study YearAgeGradeSchool Year DatesData Collection Period
Cohort 1Cohort 2Cohort 3Cohort 1Cohort 2Cohort 3
16KSep 90-Jun 91Sep 91-Jun 92Sep 92-Jun 93Jun-Aug 91Jun-Aug 92Jun-Aug 93
271Sep 91-Jun 92Sep 92-Jun 93Sep 93-Jun 94Jun-Aug 92Jun-Aug 93Jun-Aug 94
382Sep 92-Jun 93Sep 93-Jun 94Sep 94-Jun 95Jun-Aug 93Jun-Aug 94Jun-Aug 95
493Sep 93-Jun 94Sep 94-Jun 95Sep 95-Jun 96Jun-Aug 94Jun-Aug 95Jun-Aug 96
5104Sep 94-Jun 95Sep 95-Jun 96Sep 96-Jun 97Jun-Aug 95Jun-Aug 96Jun-Aug 97
6115Sep 95-Jun 96Sep 96-Jun 97Sep 97-Jun 98Jun-Aug 96Jun-Aug 97Jun-Aug 98
7126Sep 96-Jun 97Sep 97-Jun 98Sep 98-Jun 99Jun-Aug 97Jun-Aug 98Jun-Aug 99
8137Sep 97-Jun 98Sep 98-Jun 99Sep 99-Jun 00Jun-Aug 98Jun-Aug 99Jun-Aug 00
9148Sep 98-Jun 99Sep 99-Jun 00Sep 00-Jun 01Jun-Aug 99Jun-Aug 00Jun-Aug 01
10159Sep 99-Jun 00Sep 00-Jun 01Sep 01-Jun 02Jun-Aug 00Jun-Aug 01Jun-Aug 02
111610Sep 00-Jun 01Sep 01-Jun 02Sep 02-Jun 03Jun-Aug 01Jun-Aug 02Jun-Aug 03
121711Sep 01-Jun 02Sep 02-Jun 03Sep 03-Jun 04Jun-Aug 02Jun-Aug 03Jun-Aug 93
131812Sep 02-Jun 03Sep 03-Jun 04Sep 04-Jun 05Jun-Aug 03Jun-Aug 04Jun-Aug 94
1419Jan-Dec 04Jan-Dec 05Jan-Dec 06
1520Jan-Dec 05Jan-Dec 06Jan-Dec 07
1924/25Jun 09-Jun 11Jan 10-Oct 11Oct 10-Dec 11
2631/32Apr 16-Feb 19Dec 16-Jul 19Aug 17-Nov 19
2833/34Jun 18-Mar 21Jan19-Jun21Mar20-Jun21