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Instrument Administrative History

The table below highlights the cohorts who received each measure by year/age/grade.  For example, all three cohorts (1-3) completed About Me in study years 4-6. Table can be searched for key words and the table can be sorted by columns to find measures by reporter or study year. More detailed information about the measure is available by selecting the measure name.

ReporterMeasureYr1 Age6 GrKYr2 Age7 Gr1Yr3 Age8 Gr2Yr4 Age9 Gr3Yr5 Age10 Gr4Yr6 Age11 Gr5Yr7 Age12 Gr6Yr8 Age13 Gr7Yr9 Age14 Gr8Yr10 Age15 Gr9Yr11 Age16 Gr10Yr12 Age17 Gr11Yr13 Age18 Gr12Yr14 Age19 Yr15 Age20 Yr19 Age24/25 Yr26 Age31/32 Yr28 Age33/34
ChildAbout Me (Reynolds Child Depression Scale)1-31-31-3
ChildAbout My Parent1-31-31-31-3
ChildAbout Myself (Reynolds Child Depression Scale)1-31-31-31-3
ParentADHD - Parent2-31-31-3
TeacherADHD - Teacher2-31-31-3
ChildAdolescent Stories1-3
PeerAdult Behavior Checklist - Friend1-3
ChildAdult Self Report1-31-3
ChildAggression in the Social World1-3
ChildAlcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT)1-31-3
ChildAntisocial Personality Disorder1-3
ChildAttitudes About Behavior1-31-3
ChildBeck Depression Inventory1-3
ParentBehavior Screen for Siblings1-3
ParentBeing a Parent1-31-31-31-31-3
ChildBrief Symptom Inventory - Parent1-3
ChildBrief Symptom Inventory - Youth1-3
ChildCannabis Use Disorder Identification Test (CUDIT)1-31-3
ParentChild Behavior Checklist1-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildChild Behavior Checklist - Preschool Offspring1-3
ChildChild Behavior Checklist - School Age Offspring1-3
ParentChild Problem Behavior Checklist1-3
ChildChild Report of Parental Monitoring1-3
ObserverCoder Impressions Inventory2-31-31-3
ParentCOGA-Family History of Alcohol & Other Drugs1-3
ParentConflict Tactics Scale1-311-31-31-3
ChildConflict Tactics Scale - Self-Report about Own Parenting Behavior1-31-3
ChildConfusion Hubbub and Order Scale1-3
ChildContact with Police1-31-31-31-3
ChildContact with Police/Court System1-3
PeerContact with Police/Court System - Friend1-3
ChildCurrent Life Circumstances1-31-3
ChildDiagnostic Interview Schedule for Children - Child1-31-3
ParentDiagnostic Interview Schedule for Children - Parent1-31-31-3
ChildDiagnostic Interview Schedule for Children - Young Adult1-31-3
ChildDrug Abuse Screening Test (DAST-20)1-31-3
ChildEducation - Adult 1-3
ChildEducation - Grade 12 and Beyond1-31-31-3
ChildEducation Information1-3
ChildEducation, Employment, Income & Assets1-3
ChildEmotion Recognition Questionnaire1-31-31-3
ChildEmployment - Adult 1-3
ChildEmployment and Income - Grade 12 and Beyond1-31-31-3
ChildEmployment History1-3
ChildEthnic Identity - Oyserman1-31-31-31-3
ChildEthnic Identity - Phinney1-31-3
ChildExtracurricular Activity Survey1-31-31-31-31-3
ParentFamily Expressiveness Questionnaire1-21
ParentFamily Information Form1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildFamily Information Form - Youth1-31-3
ChildFear of Crime Questionnaire1-31-3
ChildFeelings about Being a Parent1-3
ChildFeelings About Neighborhood1-31-3
ParentFeelings Scale (CES-D)1-31-31-3
ChildFinancial Assets1-3
ParentFinancial Stress32-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildGeneral Violence Questionnaire1-3
PeerGeneral Violence Questionnaire - Friend1-3
ChildGuns and Gangs1-31-3
ChildGuns and Gangs - Revised1-31-3
ChildHandling Race Experiences1-3
ChildHealth Status1-31-3
PeerHealth Status - Friend1-3
ChildHome Interview With Child1-31-31-31-3
ChildIncome - Adult1-3
ObserverIntervention For Control Children1-31-31-31-31-21
ChildInterview On Emotional Experience1-31-31-3
ChildInterview On Emotional Experience - Grade 3+1-3
ParentInventory of Parent Experience1-31-31-31-31-3
ObserverJuvenile and Adult Court Data1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildLevenson Self-Report Psychopathy1-3
ParentLife Changes1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildLife Events1-3
ChildMilitary Service 1-3
ChildMultidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support1-3
ChildMy Exposure To Violence1-31-3
ChildMy Exposure To Violence - Revised1-31-3
ChildNeighborhood and Government Programs1-3
ParentNeighborhood Questionnaire1-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildNormative Beliefs About Aggression1-31-31-3
ChildOther Substance Use1-3
ChildOverview of Sexual Experiences1-31-3
ParentParent Checklist1-31-31-3
ChildParent Child Communication - Child1-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ParentParent Child Communication - Parent1-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildParent Child Relationship - Offspring1-3
ParentParent Daily Report1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ParentParent Issues Checklist1-31-3
ParentParent Questionnaire1-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildParent Questionnaire - Offspring1-31-3
ParentParent Report on Child's Close Friends1-31-31-31-31-3
ParentParent Satisfaction Questionnaire2-31-31-31-31-331-3
ParentParent Screen1-3
ParentParent Teacher Involvement - Parent1-31-31-31-31-3
TeacherParent Teacher Involvement - Teacher1-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildParental Acceptance-Rejection/Control Questionnaire - Self-Report about Own Parenting Behavior1-3
ParentParental Health1-31-3
ChildParental Monitoring - Self-Report about Own Parenting Behavior1-3
ChildParental Monitoring of Technology - Self-Report about Own Parenting Behavior1-3
ParentParental Report on Child's Delinquency1-31-31-3
PeerParenting - Friend1-3
ParentParenting - Primary Caregiver1-31-31-31-3
ParentParenting Practices Inventory1-2
ChildParenting Practices Inventory - Self-Report about Own Parenting Behavior1-3
ObserverPCIT - Behavioral Coding System1-31-31-3
ObserverPCIT - Interaction Ratings Scale1-31-31-3
ObserverPCIT - Observer Impressions1-31-3
ObserverPCIT - Reliability2-31-31-3
ObserverPCIT - Reliability - Grade 6+2-31-31-31-31-3
ChildPeople in My Life1-31-3
ChildPositive Experiences of Career, Friends, Civic Involvement, and Interests1-3
ChildPositive Parenting - Self-Report about Own Parenting Behavior1-3
ChildPossible Selves1-31-3
ParentPost-Intervention Ratings of Change2-31-31-3
ParentPost-Intervention Ratings of Change - Grade 4+1-31-31-3
ObserverPost-Visit Reaction Inventory - Child1-212-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ObserverPost-Visit Reaction Inventory - Parent1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ObserverPost-Visit Reaction Inventory - Youth1-31-3
ChildProblem Solving Discussion Rating - Child1-31-3
ParentProblem Solving Discussion Rating - Parent 1-31-3
ChildProsocial Activities1-3
ParentPsychopathy Screening Device1-3
ParentQualitative Launch Interview - Parent1-3
ChildQualitative Launch Interview - Youth1-3
ChildQuestions Regarding Driving1-31-3
ChildRace Coping1-3
ChildRaven's Progressive Matrices1-3
ChildRecent Growth1-31-31-31-31-31-3
ParentRelationship Adjustment Scale1-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildRomantic Partner Drug Use/Other Behaviors1-31-3
ChildRomantic Partner Violence1-31-3
ChildRomantic Relationships Questionnaire1-31-31-31-31-3
ParentSACA - Brief1
ParentSACA - Full1-2
ParentSACA - Not So Brief32-31-21
ParentSACA - Not So Brief - Revised32-31-31-31-3
ChildSACA for Adults1-3
ChildSACA for Kids1-31-31-3
ChildSACA for Offspring - Original1-3
ChildSACA for Offspring - Revised1-3
ParentSACA for Siblings1-31-31-3
ChildSACA for Young Adult1-31-3
ChildSACA for Young Adult - Revised1-3
ChildSchool Adjustment - Child1-31-31-31-3
ChildSchool Adjustment - Child - Revised1-31-3
ParentSchool Adjustment - Parent1-31-31-31-3
ParentSchool Adjustment - Parent - Revised1-31-3
ObserverSchool Observations - MOOSES/ASKER1-31-3
ObserverSchool Records1-31-31-31-31-31-3
ObserverSchool Records - Academics and Attendance1-31-21
ObserverSchool Records - Academics and Attendance - Revised32-31-31-31-31-31-3
ObserverSchool Records - Disciplinary Actions1-31-31-21
ObserverSchool Records - Disciplinary Actions Revised32-31-31-31-31-3
ChildSeattle Personality Questionnaire 1-31-31-3
ChildSeattle Personality Questionnaire - Grade 3+1-3
ChildSelf-Efficacy - Emotional and Parental1-3
ChildSelf-Efficacy in School1-31-3
ChildSelf-Report of Close Friends1-3
ChildSelf-Report of Close Friends - Revised1-31-31-31-31-3
ChildSelf-Report of Close Friends - Version III1-31-3
ChildSelf-Reported Delinquency1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildSexuality and Consequencies1-31-31-3
ChildShortened Inventory of Problems – Alcohol and Drugs1-3
ChildShortened Relationship Conflict Tactics Scale1-31-31-31-31-3
ParentSocial Competence - Parent1-31-31-3
TeacherSocial Competence - Teacher1-31-31-31-3
ParentSocial Competence for Siblings1-3
TeacherSocial Health Profile (TOCA) - Fall1-3
TeacherSocial Health Profile (TOCA) - Spring1-31-31-31-31-3
TeacherSocial Health Profile for Siblings1-31-3
ChildSocial Problem Solving Scale1-31-31-31-3
ChildSpache Diagnostic Reading Scale32-31-31-3
ChildStrengths and Difficulties - Offspring1-3
ChildSubstance Abuse and Dependence1-3
PeerSubstance Abuse and Dependence - Friend1-3
ChildSupervision Questionnaire - Child1-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ParentSupervision Questionnaire - Primary Caregiver1-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildSurvey of Couples1-3
PeerSurvey of Couples - Friend1-3
TeacherTeacher Observation of Child Adaptation-Revised (TOCA-R)1-3
TeacherTeacher Post Ratings2-31-31-3
TeacherTeacher Practices1-31-3
TeacherTeacher Rating of Student Adjustment1-31-31-31-31-31-3
TeacherTeacher Rating of Student Adjustment - Addendum2-31-31-3
TeacherTeacher Report Form1-31-31-31-31-31-3
TeacherTeacher Report Form - Externalizing Items Only1-31-31-3
TeacherTeacher Social Competence 1-31-31-31-31-3
TeacherTeacher's Check List1-31-31-3
ChildTeenager Experience of Racial Socialization 1-3
ChildThings That Happen To Me1-31-3
ChildThings That You Have Done1-31-31-3
ChildThings That Your Friends Have Done1-31-3
ChildTobacco, Alcohol and Drugs1-31-31-31-31-31-3
ChildTobacco, Alcohol and Drugs - Revised1-31-3
ChildTobacco, Alcohol and Drugs - Version III1-31-3
PeerTobacco, Alcohol and Drugs - Version III - Friend1-3
ChildTraining Other Than Schooling1-31-3
ChildTraining Other Than Schooling - Revised1-31-31-3
ParentValues Questionnaire1-31-31-31-3
ParentVanderbilt Mental Health Services Efficacy1-31-31-3
ChildWechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Revised1-31-3
ChildWhat Do You Think1-31-3
ChildWoodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery - Revised1-31-31-31-3
ChildYouth Finances1-3