Conflict Tactics Scale – Self-Report about Own Parenting Behavior

Abstract: The original Conflict Tactics Scales measure consists of 80 items developed by Straus (1979) to explore intrafamily conflict and violence, focusing particularly on the adults in the family. The first 20 items are administered to the respondent about his/her relationship with the child. The measure assesses how the parent reacts in a conflict with the child, such as trying to discuss an issue calmly, yelling at or insulting the child, stomping out of the room or house, threatening to spank the child, and hitting or trying to hit the child. The items gradually become more coercive and aggressive as they progress. The items are rated on a seven-point scale, ranging from 0=never to 6=almost every day. The second 20 items capture the respondent’s report of his/her partner’s interaction with the child. The last 40 questions of the original measure address the interactions between the respondent and the respondent’s partner using the same questions. If the respondent did not have a partner in the last year, only the first 20 items are given. In year 28, Fast Track participants who reported actively parenting a child completed the 20 items capturing the respondent’s own relationship with his/her child.

Who Completed this Measure?: Target Child/Youth (now in adulthood)

Cohort 1 - Administrative History

  • Year 28 | age 33-34

Cohort 2 - Administrative History

  • Year 28 | age 33-34

Cohort 3 - Administrative History

  • Year 28 | age 33-34

Technical Reports:

Raw Dataset Name: c28ec

Scored Dataset Name: CTO28

Is this Measure Available for Public Use?: Yes

Measure Items and Scales:

c28ec01 CT: Tried to discuss an issue calmly.
c28ec02 CT: Did discuss an issue calmly.
c28ec03 CT: Got information to back up your side of things.
c28ec04 CT: Brought in or tried to bring in someone to help settle things.
c28ec05 CT: Argued angrily, but didn’t yell.
c28ec06 CT: Yelled, insulted or swore at your child.
c28ec07 CT: Sulked or refused to talk about it.
c28ec08 CT: Stomped out of the room or house.
c28ec09 CT: Threw, smashed, hit, or kicked something.
c28ec10 CT: Threatened to throw something at your child.
c28ec11 CT: Threw something at your child.
c28ec12 CT: Pushed, grabbed, or shoved your child.
c28ec13 CT: Threatened to spank your child.
c28ec14 CT: Spanked your child.
c28ec15 CT: Spanked your child with something.
c28ec16 CT: Threatened to hit your child.
c28ec17 CT: Hit or tried to hit your child.
c28ec18 CT: Hit or tried to hit your child with something.
c28ec19 CT: Threatened to beat up your child.
c28ec20 CT: Had a physical altercation with your child.
Scales Items Description
CTO28dis c28ec01-04 Conflict Tactics: Verbal Discussion
CTO28hos c28ec07, 08, 09, 11 Conflict Tactics: Hostile-Indirect
CTO28phy c28ec12, 17, 18, 20 Conflict Tactics: Physical Aggression
CTO28spk c28ec14-15 Conflict Tactics: Spanking
CTO28vag c28ec05, 06, 10, 13, 16, 19 Conflict Tactics: Verbal Aggression