Neighborhood and Government Programs

Neighborhood and Government Programs, Howe, D., & Frazis, D. (1992), is a 41-item questionnaire derived from the the National Longitudinal Surveys study.

Abstract: Neighborhood and Government Programs is a 41-item questionnaire used in Wave XIX. Questions were derived from the NLSY study. The participant answers questions about housing ownership, sources of income, membership to Armed Forces and a large spectrum of government transfers, if any. No scales are constructed for this measure. However, overall height measured in inches is computed. The user is encouraged to aggregate values for income and government transfers to obtain overall estimates of income.

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Cohort 1 - Administrative History

  • Year 19 | age 24-25

Cohort 2 - Administrative History

  • Year 19 | age 24-25

Cohort 3 - Administrative History

  • Year 19 | age 24-25

Technical Reports:

Raw Dataset Name: CyCG

Scored Dataset Name: NGPySCc

government transfers, Housing ownership, membership to Armed Forces, public assistance, , Sources of income

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