Qualitative Launch Interview – Parent

Qualitative Launch Interview with Parent assesses parents' experiences with the 10-year intervention; therefore, it is administered only to families in the intervention sample. (There is a parallel version of the interview for youth.) A combination of open-ended and likert-scaled questions ask about parents' level of participation in the components of the intervention, and how helpful these components were. A last set of questions addresses the general impact of Fast Track on their lives. This measure will have been administered to intervention parents in cohorts 1 and 2 during the current funding period. It will be administered to cohort 3 parents in the proposed funding period.

Abstract: Technical information not yet available.

Who Completed this Measure?: Parent

Cohort 1 - Administrative History

  • Year 12 | grade 11 | age 17

Cohort 2 - Administrative History

  • Year 12 | grade 11 | age 17

Cohort 3 - Administrative History

  • Year 11 | grade 10 | age 16

Raw Dataset Name: PxAK

Scored Dataset Name: QIPySCc

Communication, Efficacy, Parent Attitudes, Parent Child Relationship, Parental Involvement

Is this Measure Available for Public Use?: Yes