School Records – Academic and Attendance

Abstract: The School Records measure is a modification of the School Archival Records Search (SARS) developed by Walker et al. in order to quantify school record data. This measure is a series of items completed by the interviewer by reviewing the child's school records. School record data were collected after the school closed for the summer and/or at the beginning of the following academic year. The items include everything from the child's absences, tardies, and grades for classes, as well as information about the child's involvement in the special education program at the school and the child's special education classification. In addition, other data collected, as available, included testing information, suspension, expulsion, and enrollment data. No scales were constructed from the school records. Each item stands by itself. Many of the variables collected in this dataset are strongly influenced by school policy. In addition, sites vary in method assigning subject grades and schools within site can have a strong influence when their policies and record keeping differ from other schools Most schools are using traditional letter grades in the subjects. A code of 'ngg' in the subject grades indicates that no grade was given. Data regarding the diagnoses for a student having an IEP are questionable in this dataset. In addition, the date of original diagnosis is entered as the date of the most recent IEP in many cases for Pennsylvania data.

Who Completed this Measure?: Observer

Technical Reports:

Raw Dataset Name: OyN

Scored Dataset Name: SRCySCc

Achievement Testing, Disciplinary Records, Language, Mathematics, Reading Levels, Retention, School Attendance, Special Education Record, Subject Grades

Is this Measure Available for Public Use?: Yes

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Measure Items and Scales:

SITECODE Actual Site Code Number on Form
TCID Child ID Number
SIB Is Child Sibling of TC?
GRADE Grade in School
ACADYR Academic Year
INTID Interviewer ID
TODATE Date of Collection
CO8N10 Name of Achievement Test Used
CO8N36 Date of most recent IEP
SITE Site Name
O8N26 # of School Building Transitions
O8N18 EOG Score/Read (Durh Only)
O8N21 EOG Score/Math (Durh Only)
O8N7 # of Days Absent
O8N8 # of Days Tardy
O8N9 # of Days Enrolled
O8N22 Language - Total Percentile
O8N23 Math - Total Percentile
O8N37 # Min/Wk in Regular Ed w/Resources
O8N38 # Min/Wk in Special Ed Resource
O8N39 # Min/Wk Self-Contained
O8N40 # Min/Wk Other
O8N41 Total # Min/Wk with Services
o8n25 Is Child Repeating a Grade?
o8n34 Current IEP?
o8n42 Child Been Declared Not Needing SPED?
o8n35A Disability/Class Mentally Retarded
o8n35B Disability/Class Learning Disabled
o8n35C Disability/Class SBD/SED/BEH
o8n35D Disability/Class Orthopaedically Impaired
o8n35E Disability/Class Other Health Impaired
o8n35F Disability/Class Speech/Language Impaired
o8n35G Disability/Class Talented & Gifted
o8n35H Disability/Class Other
o8n2 Math
o8n3 Language Arts
o8n5 Social Studies
o8n6 Science