Social Health Profile for Siblings

Abstract: Technical information not yet available.

Who Completed this Measure?: Teacher

Cohort 1 - Administrative History

  • Year 07 | grade 6 | age 12
  • Year 10 | grade 9 | age 15

Cohort 2 - Administrative History

  • Year 07 | grade 6 | age 12
  • Year 10 | grade 9 | age 15

Cohort 3 - Administrative History

  • Year 07 | grade 6 | age 12
  • Year 10 | grade 9 | age 15

Raw Dataset Name: TxSib

Scored Dataset Name: XXX

Academic Performance, Affective Behavior, Aggressive Behavior, Antisocial, Attentional Skills, Drug Use, Oppositional, Peer Relationships, Prosocial Behavior, School Retention, Smoking, , ,

Is this Measure Available for Public Use?: Yes

Measure Items and Scales:

COHORT Cohort Number
SITECODE Actual Site Number Coded on Form
TCID Child's Identification Number
S97GRADE Current Grade
S97ADMIN Semester SHP Administered
S97SEX Gender
S97RACE Race
S97SCHL School
S97TEACH Teacher
S97INT Interviewer
S97SMOKE TC Smoked Tobacco?
S97DRUGS TC Used Drugs?
S97REPT Promotion to Next Grade?
S97A1 Has IEP
S97A2 Placement outside regular class
S97A3 Chapter 1 Services
S97A4 School Counseling
S97A5 Medication for behavior/attn
S97A6 Times in this grade
S97A7 Principal for behavior problems
S97A8 Suspended for behavior problems
S97SH1 Friendly
S97SH2 Self-Reliant
S97SH3 Takes Others Property
S97SH4 Works Hard
S97SH5 Yells at Others
S97SH6 Fights
S97SH7 Learns Up to Ability
S97SH8 Easily Distracted
S97SH9 Concentrates
S97SH10 Stubborn
S97SH11 Controls Temper in Disagreement
S97SH12 Lies
S97SH13 Helpful to Others
S97SH14 Completes Assignments
S97SH15 Breaks Rules
S97SH16 Shows Poor Effort
S97SH17 Eager to Learn
S97SH18 Resolves Peer Problems Alone
S97SH19 Teases
S97SH20 On-Task
S97SH21 Breaks Things
S97SH22 Pays Attention
S97SH23 Harms Others
S97SH24 Disobedient
S97SH25 Initiates Interactions
S97SH26 Plays With Others
S97SH27 Appropr. Needs/Feelings Expression
S97SH28 Social Contact With Others
S97SH29 Thinks Before Acting
S97SH30 Can Calm Down
S97SH31 Avoids Social Contact
S97SH32 Mind Wanders
S97SH33 Understands Others' Feelings
S97SH34 Works Well Alone
S97SH35 Suggests w/out Bossiness
S97SH36 Liked
S97SH37 Disliked
S97ABS Number of Last 15 Days Absent
S97SH1R (RS) Friendly
S97SH2R (RS) Self-Reliant
S97SH4R (RS) Works Hard
S97SH7R (RS) Learns Up to Ability
S97SH9R (RS) Concentrates
S97SH11R (RS) Controls Temper in Disagreement
S97SH13R (RS) Helpful to Others
S97SH14R (RS) Completes Assignments
S97SH17R (RS) Eager to Learn
S97SH18R (RS) Resolves Peer Problems Alone
S97SH20R (RS) On-Task
S97SH22R (RS) Pays Attention
S97SH25R (RS) Initiates Interactions
S97SH26R (RS) Plays With Others
S97SH27R (RS) Appropr. Needs/Feelings Expression
S97SH28R (RS) Social Contact With Others
S97SH29R (RS) Thinks Before Acting
S97SH30R (RS) Can Calm Down
S97SH33R (RS) Understands Others' Feelings
S97SH34R (RS) Works Well Alone
S97SH35R (RS) Suggests w/out Bossiness
SITE Site Name
S97PRABS Percent of Last 15 Days absent