Family-based intervention in the Fast Track Program.

McMahon, R. J., Slough, N., & Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group. (1996). Family-based intervention in the Fast Track Program. In R. DeV. Peters & R. J. McMahon (Eds.), Preventing childhood disorders, substance use, and delinquency (pp. 90-110). Sage.

Abstract: The Fast Track Program investigates the efficacy of a comprehensive intervention designed to prevent the development of serious conduct problems in young at-risk children. This chapter focuses on the family-based components of the intensive intervention during the period of transition to elementary school. The chapter includes a) a brief discussion of the conceptual and empirical bases of the intervention components; b) a description of the content and structure of each of the family-based components; and c) a discussion of issues involved in the initial recruitment of families and the maintenance of their involvement in Fast Track.