PATHS (R) (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) (Grade 2 Classroom Module).

Kusché, C.A., Greenberg, M.T., & Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group. (2011). PATHS (R) (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) (Grade 2 Classroom Module). South Deerfield, MA: Channing-Bete Co.

Abstract: The PATHS (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) program promotes peaceful conflict resolution, emotion regulation, empathy, and responsible decision making. The original PATHS curriculum was adapted for the Fast Track project, with separate modules for first through fourth grade and a combined module for use in fifth and sixth grades. Each lesson is scripted, beginning with an introduction that states background and goals, implementation guidelines, suggestions for engaging parents, a list of common questions and answers, supplementary activities (some of which connect to academics), and/or family handouts. Each lesson ends with reminders and suggestions for generalizing learned skills beyond the lesson to the classroom.