The Fast Track project: Effects on violence/aggression and related outcomes.

Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group. (2017). The Fast Track project: Effects on violence/aggression and related outcomes. In P. Sturmey (Ed.), The Wiley handbook of violence and aggression (Vol. 2: Assessment, prevention and treatment of individuals). Wiley.

Abstract: Children who engage in early starting conduct problem behaviors are at significant risk for multiple negative outcomes (e.g., violence, aggression) in adolescence and adulthood. Fast Track is a comprehensive, multisite intervention trial that was designed to prevent serious and chronic conduct problems in youth identified at high risk in kindergarten. The high-risk sample is comprised of approximately equal numbers of African-American and White children, 69% of whom are boys. The families were from urban, semi-urban, and rural areas. Children were randomly assigned to receive the Fast Track intervention (n=445) or services as usual in the schools (n=446). This multicomponent intervention was implemented in grades 1-10, and included both universal and targeted interventions. The sample was followed annually from kindergarten through 2 years post-high school (approximately age 20) and again at age 25. This chapter describes the experimental design, the intervention model, and outcomes through the school years and into young adulthood (age 25). Findings support the conclusion that a comprehensive, multicomponent, developmental-science based intervention targeted toward early starting conduct problem children can significantly reduce adult psychopathology and violent crime.