Education – Grade 12 and Beyond

Education (Grade 12 and Beyond) - (Schooling-Post High School-NLSY97, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2001; National Longitudinal Survey, 1997). This is a series of questions documenting any schools (e.g., college, voc-tech) that youth experience post-high school. These items were utilized from the National Longitudinal Survey.

Abstract: The Education (Grade 12 and Beyond) is a series of questions that measure multiple aspects of educational attainment, including attendance at high education institutions. The original scoring method was established by Howe and Frazis (1992) at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as part of the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLSY97, Round 3). The NLSY97 was designed to gather information at multiple points in time about the youth labor market to include educational attainment. Items used in the Fast Track interviews were adapted from the NLYS97, Round 3 Educational Attainment section. This measure was added to the Fast Track protocol in year 13 (2003) for cohort 1. The instrument as presented in the Fast Track Project is a 20 item, paper survey, measuring aspects of educational attainment. The questions are presented in a categorical, dichotomous and free response format. The Education (Grade 12 and Beyond) Survey, Year 13 allows for the standardization of data collection regarding the participant’s previous year’s educational attainment. The survey measures key factors related to educational attainment, grade level completion and future plans regarding school. The majority of respondents of this measure are still attending high school. This is due to the date of interviewing. The user must be aware that the majority of respondents are expecting to complete high school at the time of the interview. And a majority expects to continue into a two or four year college. For those not returning to school in the fall, the questions probing the reasons why they have left school followed a multiple choice format

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Cohort 1 - Administrative History

  • Year 13 | grade 12 | age 18
  • Year 14 | age 19
  • Year 15 | age 20

Cohort 2 - Administrative History

  • Year 13 | grade 12 | age 18
  • Year 14 | age 19
  • Year 15 | age 20

Cohort 3 - Administrative History

  • Year 13 | grade 12 | age 18
  • Year 14 | age 19
  • Year 15 | age 20

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Degree, Degree Received, Education Plans, Educational Attainment, Future Plans, GED, Grade Completed, Unemployed

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Items were utlized from the NLSY97 Round 3 Questionnaire